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Proper Lawn Maintenance For A Greener Lawn

The key to that healthy, green lawn that you will love (and your neighbors will envy) is proper maintenance provided by the experts at Lawn Perks Inc! From weed control to plant fertilization, and everything in between, our team will provide your lawn and landscape with the best care possible.

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Our Philosophy

We will not perform or recommend services to you for the sole benefit of our own bottom line. We don’t hire telephone solicitors to sell you additional services. Our technicians don’t get bonuses for selling additional services. If we notice other issues in your lawn (grub damage, excessive thatch, or compacted soil for example), we will discuss it with you, as we believe open communication is key to great customer service.

Our Programs And Services

We will customize lawn care package to meet your needs and expectations. Here are three typical packages our customers purchase.

The “Maintain Your Lawn” Program

This 6-step program provides your lawn with everything it needs to thrive in the growing season. It includes:

  • Early Spring Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control – Our pre-emergent spray will stop a crabgrass infestation before it even begins.
  • Spring Broadleaf Weed Control – Broadleaf weeds like dandelions, chickweed, and plantain can quickly drain your lawn of essential nutrients. Protecting your lawn from these weeds is critical.
  • Late-Spring Fertilizer with a Second Application of Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control – The late-spring fertilizer will give your lawn a boost going into the hot, summer months.
  • Late Summer Broadleaf Control – warm season weeds thrive in the heat of summer when your lawn is under stress.
  • Early Fall Fertilization – If you are only going to fertilize once a year this is the time to do it for the maximum benefit to your lawn.
  • Late Fall Fertilization – Prepares your lawn to burst forth with lush growth in the Spring!

The “Improve Your Lawn” Program

This 8-step program has everything listed in the “Maintain Your Lawn” program, along with:

  • Summer grub control – As grubs prepare to enter their resting stage for the fall and winter months, they spend a majority of their summer feasting on your lawn. Summer grub control plays a critical role in the health of your lawn during July, August, and September.
  • Core Aeration – core aeration improves air and water penetration into the soil and stimulates new root growth.

The “Best Lawn In The Neighborhood” Program

Our final program is an 11-step program that has everything listed in the “maintain your lawn” and “improve your lawn” programs, along with:

  • Early spring fertilization –  For heavily shaded lawns will give your grass a boost of energy to help it green up in the Spring.
  • Summer fertilization – Replenish nutrients and help lawn overcome the stresses of summer.
  • Fall broadleaf weed control – Many broadleaf weeds germinate in the cool, moist fall months. Killing these weeds in the fall will stop them from stealing sunlight and nutrients from your lawn and from becoming unsightly in the Spring.

Core Aeration

Aeration is a great way to upgrade the overall health and appearance of your lawn. Thatch buildup and soil compaction acquired during the late fall/early winter months make it difficult for your lawn to breathe and receive nutrients. The aeration process will break up the thatch and compacted soil, allowing for air, water, and nutrients to get to your grass’ root system, resulting in a greener, healthier lawn.

Mow And Trim

Proper mowing will help your lawn become thicker and more robust, keeping it green throughout the year. Proper trimming will provide your plants with plenty of room for healthy growth, keeping them green and healthy all year long. We also provide vacation mowing for existing customers!

With our programs, you’ll have the greenest, healthiest lawn on the block during the spring, summer, and fall. And during the winter, your lawn and landscape will be protected from the elements and prepared to endure those harsh months.

Invest in the beauty and health of your lawn today and call the professionals at Lawn Perks Inc. We protect and provide for your investment by sending highly trained professionals to care for your property. Contact us today!


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