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Landscape Maintenance Programs

First impressions always last and nothing gives a positive first impression quite like a stunning landscape. Your landscape is the first thing visitors see when they come to your home or business, so it’s important to deliver top-notch first impression.

You can count on the Lawn Perks Inc, team of highly trained professionals to care for your landscape. In return, your landscape will deliver that superior, top-notch first impression, and lasting reputation.

Our landscape maintenance services include:

Spring Clean Up

As we inch closer and closer to the growing season, two of the things you’ll want to keep off your landscape are leaves and weeds. A landscape smothered by leaves (especially wet leaves) can create an inviting environment for pests and diseases while preventing important nutrients from getting to the root systems of your grass and plants. Weeds are thieves. They will steal those essential nutrients from your landscape and can cause extensive damage to the health and visual appeal of your lawn.

Through our spring cleanup service, leaves will be removed from your lawn and landscape beds. This will provide your landscape with room to breathe, room to receive essential nutrients like sunlight and water, and ultimately room to grow. A pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide will be sprayed in and around your landscaped beds and concrete. This will eliminate any living weeds while preventing the germination of future weeds from occurring.

With our full-service spring-clean up package:

  • Pick up sticks
  • Blow leaves out of landscape beds and away from buildings
  • Trim dead tops off perennial flowers and ornamental grasses
  • Trim roses if needed
  • Spray any existing weeds in beds and cracks in concrete
  • Spray pre-emergent herbicide on landscape beds to suppress new weed germination.


Mulch provides many benefits to your landscape:

  • Enhanced ability to retain soil moisture while preventing soil temperature fluctuations – Ultimately protecting your plants from drying out in the heat of summer.
  • The ability to work as a natural weed barrier – a 2-3 inch layer of mulch makes it extremely difficult for weeds to get the nutrients they need to sprout.
  • The natural ability to protect your landscape from extreme temperatures – Whether that is extreme heat in the summer, or freezing cold temperatures in the winter.

Our mulching service will provide your landscape with these benefits, and more! All while significantly improving the aesthetics of your lawn and landscape.

Bush Trimming

Similar to our mulching service, our bush trimming service also benefits the appearance and the health of your landscape. Our team of experts will examine your bushes to determine the best course of action to control, clean, and shape them in a way that improves the appearance of your landscape. Dead, dying, or diseased branches will also be removed, promoting healthy growth.


One of the best ways to keep your lawn healthy and weed free is to utilize our mowing services. With the professional mowing we provide, we will help your lawn become thicker and more robust, keeping it green throughout the year. We also provide vacation mowing for existing customers!

Continuous Weed Control

We don’t just come out once, spray for weeds, and leave. We come back at least once a month (or as needed) to do what needs to be done to rid your landscape of weeds. Our continuous weed control program will help you get rid of those common Illinois weeds like creeping Charlie, buckhorn, carpetweed, yellow nutsedge, and others.

Fall Clean Up

Our fall clean up service will leave your landscape looking great. The removal of leaves, branches, sticks, and debris from your landscape will protect your landscape from the possibility of a disease or pest infestation during the winter months. Simply put, fall cleanup is a critical part of creating a healthy landscape that will thrive both now, and in the future.

Contact us today to hear more about our landscape maintenance services, and how our team of professionals can prepare your lawn to deliver that top-notch first impression. Call us now to get outstanding landscaping services! And remember, if you’re not satisfied with our services, we will come back and do it again until it’s right!

With our programs, you’ll have the greenest, healthiest lawn on the block during the spring, summer, and fall. And during the winter, your lawn and landscape will be protected from the elements and prepared to endure those harsh months.

Invest in the beauty and health of your lawn today and call the professionals at Lawn Perks Inc. We protect and provide for your investment by sending highly trained professionals to care for your property. Contact us today!


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